Gedicht: In a time of pain and sadness Gedicht: In a time of pain and sadness

In a time of pain and sadness
Let us look to God above
May our prayers be heard
With hope and gladness
And received with your eternal love.

As we walk along the dark path at night
We ask God to show a guiding light
With great joy we see the light of day
We will thank you God when we pray

While we rest in the still of the night
We know God will bear our plight
That gives us courage for the following day
To help us go further on our way.

Many nights we sleep in danger
But knowing that You are our Saviour
This makes us feel safe
With the love of God and His Grace.

As we travel further away
We remember our family far away
We cannot wait for the day to arrive
When we come together with lots of love so divine.

We wait in hope for the morning light
We pray to God through out the night
And then the sun appears to our delight
It makes the day even more bright.

When we walk the weary road
God helps us to be bold
He tells us we are nearly there.
Where we can rest and say a prayer.

God gives us hope and gives us love.
He sends it down from above.
He’s always there with a helping hand.
To make us feel happy and very proud.

Now that the sun had disappeared
We see the shining moon at night
We are greeted by the light of day
And once again we will pray

​​​​​Thomas Wilson, 15 november 2022